Grant Callaghan, Co-Founder & CEO

About Laneway Analytics

Laneway Analytics is an innovative analytics software company whose solutions have been developed in partnership with leading financial services companies.

For years, the analytics mega vendors have focused on the data analyst, developing complex tools to help them harness data sets for insights. This is a great technology, but for the majority of business users, this technology is overwhelming. We think about data and analytics differently, and we want to help regular business users understanding their data, how their data is changing and to get the most value out of their data.

Our mission is to partner with organisations to accelerate their journey towards a culture of data-led decision making for the future.

For superannuation funds

We began our company’s work in analytics working with leading Funds like Australian Super and HESTA. Our approach has been to form long-term partnerships helping super funds develop a depth of understanding of their member’s needs so they can enhance the member experience and better nurture for their requirements on the journey to retirement.

Thanks to our innovative approach to data, super funds can learn how to better design products and services for different life stages for members, helping to cement their loyalty in an environment in which members have more choice than ever.

Data is key in this equation and we are able to provide our clients with a complete analytics platform for funds – Provident Lane, which includes a range of self-service dashboards and analytic tools, powered by tailored data science models. We do this by bringing together the many different data sets that operate across super funds and augment this information to add value to funds and their members, into our proprietary analytics model for funds.

Laneway Analytics Playbook

This approach helps super funds to transform their operations and navigate an increasingly complex and ever-changing ecosystem.The result is super fund teams that actually want to use their systems to their full potential and ask questions about their data on a daily basis.

Importantly, super funds don’t require extensive training or change management processes to be able to draw on the data analytics they are able to access through our software, which can be implemented in a matter of weeks.

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