Have you always wanted to be part of an exciting analytics start-up, developing new technology and delivering innovative analytic solutions that solve incredibly challenging business problems? In this role, you will be a key member of our team advancing our data and analytics platform to solve our customers’ unique challenges.

Availability: Full time, or flexible for the right person

Location:  Melbourne

Industry: Analytics. Software. Superannuation

How to apply: Send a short, clever, personalised email to jobs-analytics@lanewayanalytics.com.au

What makes us different

Our senior team has a track record of successful exits in the Analytics space. Our expertise, network and culture are driving our start-up forward into this phase of growth.

I have 10+ years’ experience building large business intelligence and analytics solutions in the private and public sector.

My co-founder sold his previous analytics firm to Deloitte and counted some of the largest multinationals amongst his clients.

We are rapidly gaining traction within our niche, superannuation. Our customers are amazing advocates for our work.

Our team blends commercial and technology skillsets. We aren’t clever techies guessing at cool problems to solve, we are solving the toughest problems we encountered in our commercial roles.

There are no echo chambers here, or skill gaps on the technical or commercial side that can really stifle a start-up.

We are lean and agile: no committees or bureaucracy get in the way We embrace creativity not stifle it.

What we’re looking for

A BI consultant with 1 – 3 years experience. You will have solid skills in dimensional modelling, data warehousing, ETL, and data analysis & visualisation. You are super smart, adaptable, understand how the analytics technology landscape is changing, and have always wanted to work in a culture that provides the freedom to innovate with cutting edge technology and apply this to our superfund data & analytics platform.

What makes this role different

Apply what you have learned through your background as a BI consultant, or knowledge you’ve gained on the latest technology, and build great solutions for our clients and be a key member in developing a truly scalable and user intuitive data & analytics platform.

Experience a supportive culture where your voice will be heard, and you’ll be exposed to all facets of a start-up and be given the opportunity to grow as a person and a professional.

An employee share option plan will be offered to the right person.

The skills

Like everyone in our company, you must have a thinking-outside-the-box mentality, and enjoy solving interesting challenges with your team. You will be questioning our client’s data, commercial performance, and identifying patterns that no one else can. You will be constantly thinking how we can optimise our software platform to provide greater insights into our client’s business performance.

These are the primary responsibilities of an Analytics Solution Engineer. You will no doubt excel in some competencies more than others. Don’t stress, we work in a team in all aspects of our jobs. You will be learning a lot from your team mates, as we hope to learn from you.

  • Bachelor in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience in software and/or a technologically relevant field
  • A passion for problem solving and analysis
  • You will have advanced skills and significant project experience:
    • Microsoft SQL Server Stack (MSSQL, SSIS, SSAS), or similar
    • SQL expert
    • Good experience of data warehouse design using Kimball methodology
    • Awareness of other methodologies e.g. Data Lake, Inmon
  • Data modelling: 1 – 3 years’ experience with traditional RDBMS including the design of star-schema data marts, performance tuning and configuration.
  • Data integration: 1 – 3 years’ experience designing and delivering data integration (ETL) solutions using a variety of different solutions, including SSIS, Informatica, Mulesoft, Talend, Pentaho, and similar technologies

Your technology expertise and experience will ideally include:

  • Experience in data analysis and visualisation. Experience working with Tableau or equivalent data visualisation and BI tools (e.g. PowerBI, Qlikview), combined with business analysis experience to create elegant dashboards
  • Other RDBMS (e.g. Amazon Redshift)
  • OLAP data modelling and design experience (star schema design, query optimisations, clustered columnstore)
  • Experience working with AWS infrastructure
  • Advanced analytics experience such as Python, R

Personal attributes:

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with an ability to present technical solutions concisely to a range of client stakeholders
  • Demonstrated passion for diving into technical issues and solving customer problems
  • Demonstrated critical thinking (scientific method) and advanced troubleshooting skills and qualities
  • Well organised, proactive and collaborative
  • Ability to engage with many customers at the same time
  • Strong task/deliverable management skills, able to work on multiple tasks/deliverables simultaneously and report to your project teams on progression against tasks

Role Details

You will be part of an agile, fast-paced, collaborative team responsible for onboarding our customer’s data and people to our data platform, modelling data, assisting with our on-going delivery processes.

You will be working alongside the Founders, and with client business leaders, to optimise our analytics platform, and extend it in ways that deliver business insights and value in an agile and collaborative way. This work will be creative, inspired, original and great fun.

  • Immediate start for the right person. This is a contract role for 6 months with the view to either an additional 6 month contract, or full time role based on performance, if the right “hunger and passion” is demonstrated. This opportunity will suit entrepreneurial and innovator mindsets who wants to create their own path, and not live someone else’s.
  • Salary: A competitive salary will be negotiated. Please do not engage with this opportunity if you have an “employee mindset”. Entrepreneurial minded technologists only.   Future opportunities including employee share options will be considered for the right team members.
  • How we work:
    • We work smarter, not harder. We get stuff done. We work as a team. We are learning each day. We are certainly not perfect but we aim for perfection each day.
    • We focus on output, not the amount of hours that your boss sees you slaving over your desk from 7am – 7pm. That is not effective. It is just stupid. We are adults. Flexibility is part of our DNA. We have young kids (one of us has 3 kids under 12 years of age, one has just swum the English Channel) and still do amazing work whilst juggling things. It’s possible for us. It’s possible for you.
    • Flexibility and trust is the key. We trust each other. We deliver. We get things done. It’s pretty simple. Crazy but true.

If you would like to apply for this role, please send a short, clever, personalised email to jobs-analytics@lanewayanalytics.com.au

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