When we launched Laneway Analytics we said “We want to rethink the way superannuation funds access analytics and use it throughout their entire business. We know we can improve on the traditional approach to data analytics that many funds are resigned to.”

From our perspective, the risk to superannuation funds either sticking with the expensive, lengthy and torturous process of traditional data warehouses and big analytics platforms or continuing to think about it, to talk about and doing nothing is being left behind by organisations using emerging technologies and techniques. Many of the funds we talk to are frustrated about having spent too much time and money building data analytics programs that staff don’t use. The team here at Laneway Analytics was prepared to build a data analytics platform that addresses these issues and I know we are fulfilling this vision of delivering data analytics to every user in a fund and more than ever before. We are really proud of what we have built and continue to innovate.

So, today’s news about our partnership with REI Super reinforces we are on the right path. We will work together with REI Super to provide detailed and actionable data insights around membership trends and behaviours via our unique purpose-built software. It’s the first time our data insights platform, Provident Lane, and AI-driven analytics portal, Luci, will both be implemented to provide a new level of detail around membership trends and behaviours. We just know this will redefine the way superannuation funds in Australia can implement the analytics experience.

REI Super is going to complete its production rollout within a month. Yep – data analytics up and running for any user in its fund office within 30 days.

Here is what CEO of REI Super, Mal Smith, had to say:

“We are single-mindedly focused on providing the best member outcomes we can, and that requires gaining ever deeper insights into our members. We are delighted to partner with Laneway Analytics and the team of data scientists to further our capabilities in this area. This will enable us to further enhance how we serve our members and their needs in the future.”

We are really proud to continue the work we have started with a number of Australian superannuation funds – funds that want to make it easy for all users, from administrator to executive, to access data and insights on a daily basis. There is huge momentum in the industry for data and we have made it possible to just ‘jump in’. It shouldn’t take millions of dollars and a 12-month roadmap to analyse your data and apply it to your business decisions. With Provident Lane and Luci, funds can set themselves up for success in a short time frame

What is important to know is we have developed an agile solution that doesn’t need in-depth training for users, no matter what role they hold in a fund. Provident Lane and Luci can deliver ten times the functionality of any competitive offering in the market. The team believes Provident Lane is the best solution to help superannuation funds harness data daily to deliver high-performance insights needed to drive the business forward and remain committed to innovating how they and exceed helping members achieve good outcomes in retirement.

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