We focus on the business users, with a personalised, intuitive analytics experience that uses AI to inform regular business users how their data is changing.

Provident Lane

A scalable, secure data & analytics platform built specifically for the current and future needs of Australian superannuation funds.

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Our AI-powered analytics portal. Luci senses who you are, what data and insights are most relevant for you, and provides an intuitive analytics experience across your organisation.


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Our hosted analytics infrastructure as a service, optimised for best in class cloud-based data management and analytics. Designed to host, secure, operationally manage and support our customer’s data analytics solutions and IP in the cloud.

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Speed to insight

We implement our Provident Lane Analytics Platform with our customers in a matter of weeks. This has revolutionised the traditional way super funds have worked with data analytics technology solutions and providers. Historically, data warehousing projects take 12+ months to implement bespoke solutions, with high risk and cost profiles. This is our innovation: how to create tailored analytics for super funds that can be up and running in weeks. Many of our flagship implementations have only taken months to implement.

Instinctive insights

Luci is our analytics engine that delivers a personalised analytics experience based on your job context. She senses who you are, what data and insights are most relevant for you, and provides a range of analytic tools like KPI’s, self-service dashboards, and user collaboration. Luci even scans the data most critical to your job for the most statistically significant changes in data and automatically turns these into insights that you can act on. This is how we at Laneway Analytics create a data-driven culture.

Data driven facts

Actionable insights are data driven facts revealed by our analytics tools – facts that help our users everyday. Just imagine if your analytics solution presented you with small list of priority actions for members daily. Instead of a traditional annual campaign, you could continuously run micro campaigns that are highly relevant, timely, and personalised to the members change in life stage or preferences? We’re constantly focused on how to add value to funds’ data and give them control over it.

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