Provident Lane

Secure & Scalable
Hosted Analytics Platform
Advanced Analytics
Onboarding in 30 Days
Automation & Insights

From Idea

Imagine if your team…

Could utilise analytic tools more to

Improve existing reporting processes to easily, and repeatably, deliver meaningful reporting​

Solve pressing reporting challenges​ through a modern data and analytics platform  

Report on and understand member outcomes​

Drill into Retention rates and understand how the membership is changing​

Explore data through a suite of mature dashboards​

Easily author the dashboards & reports with an intuitive datawarehouse, turbocharging this work by reducing the amount of manual data preparation and wrangling required​

Deliver insights into Fund’s performance by running advanced analytic models like Engagement Scoring, Behavioural Segmentation models and Retirement Preparedness indices​

To Solution

Deploy world class analytics capability in 30 days

Provident Lane is our scalable, secure data & analytics platform built specifically for the current and future needs of Australian superannuation funds.

An intuitive analytics platform that users across your Fund can use on a day-to-day basis to deliver insights and self-sufficient analytics via our Luci analytics portal.

A data warehouse incorporating our superannuation fund data model.

A secure, scalable cloud based data platform.

A focused program to deliver insights into the most valuable opportunities and risks facing your fund. We work with you to investigate problems such as churn, marketing ROI, cashflow.

A growing suite of battle-tested dashboards, based on superannuation fund requirements, that enable all users to intuitively ask questions about fund performance relevant to their job.

A data integration (ETL) layer that provides for repeatable, reliable refreshes of your data from a range of core systems, including Member Registry, Financial Planning, CRM, web portals, marketing automation, and internal databases & spreadsheets.

A growing suite of advanced analytic models.

A well-defined roadmap of new features and models.

You Can Expect

We know data projects can be intimidating…

But what if you could trial a superannuation analytics solution over a defined 8 Week Trial program?

Success is a journey that starts with a plan.

Our Trial plan was developed to clearly demonstrate the value in your data and the potential such solutions can provide to your Fund – without getting caught in the noise.


Start of trial

Non disclosure, security and trial pre-requisites​ Kick-off: demonstration of Provident Lane and what you can expect from the trial​


Core data extracts

Extract your core Member Admin data from your source systems. Check in on key assumptions.


Activation and insights

We profile your data and integrate it into Provident Lane providing a check point on key data and any questions.​


Solution showcase

We present the working solution with your data, and our insights. We check in on priorities and next steps.

WEEK 7-12

Transition to becoming data driven

We onboard more users and get deeper insights. We support your team as they explore the solution and your data.

Kick-off: demonstration of Provident Lane, define your Top 3 areas of investigation to focus on.
Onboarding core data
Extract your core Member Admin data from your source systems. Check in on key assumptions.
Activation and insights
Onboard your data into Provident Lane, run our advanced analytics models, and power up our suite of dashboards.
Solution showcase
Finalise the initial suite of insights, get ready to present the working solution with your data & insights to your team.
WEEK 5-8
Transition to becoming data driven
Onboard pilot users and provide constant support during this 4 week period. We hold weekly user labs, working with your users to explore the data to identify further insights.

We Worked With

We have partnered with a large Industry Fund and assisted them in their journey from starting out, to being recognised as world leader in data and analytics.

We removed frustration with dealing with clunky outsourced administrators reporting freeing up time to deliver better responsive answers to board members.

Let's make your journey great!

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