Cloud hosting

Cost effective
Minimal disruption
Easily move your data warehouse and business intelligence tools to the cloud, and turbo charge your analytics capability. 

The Question

Have you ever wondered…

how you can move your data pipelines and existing Business Intelligence reports to the cloud and unlock more capability and value from your data? 

We estimate organisations will spend more than $450,000 in designing purpose-built cloud infrastructure for data management and analytics. And it will take more than 6 months.

Cloud analytics is more than just a SQL Server data warehouse and a dashboard tool, its security, running advanced analytic models, data science experiments, and trialling new technology to unlock value in new use cases.

Aside from the considerable effort in designing a cloud analytics environment, it takes a long time to get the right mix of technology working together well, performing well, and ensuring its reliable, secure, and well-managed.

The Challenge

Customers considering moving their analytics to the cloud have 2 options.

Option 1

Hire a team of cloud experts to design a custom environment for, taking more than 6 months and costing, on average, more than $450,000.

Option 2

Deploy a best in class Analytics as a Service platform designed specifically for managing data and running analytics capability. All backed by a team of dedicated analytics experts who will help you extend your existing capabilities as your long-term analytics partners.

“To begin with we don’t have an inhouse data team and CMYKhub has so much untapped and valuable data, that we know, once utilized, can benefit the business and our customers. Our understanding and use of manufacturing technologies have driven our business to be a leader in Australia. So, looking at leaders overseas and what defines them as best -in-class print manufacturers, we found, being a highly data driven business is one of the most important.”

Doug Robey

Head of Technology, CMYKhub

Many customers tell us they have considered moving to the cloud, but couldn’t make the business case work. They couldn’t identify the full benefits, and then justify the costs. They know there is benefit, but need help articulating it. 

For us the most important reasons are to expand foundational capability to create the data driven enterprise. Secondly, is data security with a team of experts and proven technology. Third, we can make the business case work with a huge ROI. 

What if you could migrate and enhance your existing data warehouse and analytics capability without: 

  • PHiring a team of consultants to assist you
  • PMaking countless technology decisions
  • PWorking through myriad interoperability and performance issues
  • PRisking the security of your data
  • PSpending a lot of internal effort and dollars

The Solution

Vera is our ISO 27001 certified hosted analytics infrastructure as a service, optimised for best in class cloud-based data management and analytics.

Vera Overview

Vera is our hosted analytics infrastructure as a service, optimised for best in class cloud-based data management and analytics. It is designed to host, secure, operationally manage and support our customer’s data analytics solutions and IP in the cloud, specifically to manage intense data management and analytic workloads.

Our customers in financial services and manufacturing rely on Vera to manage their sensitive data assets while providing reliable, secure analytics as a hosted service.

For customers wondering how they can take advantage of the cloud to reduce costs, increase capability, and do more with their data, Vera enables us to rapidly migrate your existing data and analytic assets into Vera as a fully managed service. Our customers don’t need to hire a large data engineering and technology support team, we provide this as part of our service.

Analytics Services

Integrates With Luci

Analytics Technology Stack

BYO Data

Best Practise Secure Cloud Environment

ISO 27001 Certitied Hosting Environment

Our intellectual property is based on an optimised stack of technology, services, software, people and processes to securely power data and analytics. We know what best practice analytics looks like, so we implemented all these practices and technologies into one platform, Vera. And backing this service is our dedicated team of engineers and analytics professionals.

Key Features

Time to implement

Your Vera environment is ready in hours (vs 4 – 6+ months for a build it yourself option)

Best in class

We have more than 90 different technologies powering Vera’s data governance, DR, security, monitoring, data pipelines, data models, and analytics


All components are interoperable, tested for performance, scalable and support ISO level BCP and DR standards

Security & compliance

ISO27001, APRA, PII, data privacy

Data management

Integrate your data sources into a common data warehouse, with API-out capability to send enriched data to downstream systems. Our data pipelines support batch, real-time and streaming services

Real time reporting

Vera can ingest data from your operational systems in real-time and make this available in real-time dashboards and analytic models

Data science advanced analytics

Vera is able to run data science and advanced analytic models in our cloud infrastructure, rapidly running experiments to prove value with minimal cost

Monitoring and alerts

Vera collates all logs and analyses their activity for anomalous behaviour to support intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and system availability. 

Flexible pricing model

As a multi-tenanted service, our customers get all the benefits from our product roadmap, while paying a reduced price. x10 value for a fraction of the price


You don’t need to hire a full data engineering team to run your cloud analytics. We take care of this so you can focus on hiring good commercial analysts that can transform your data into actionable insights. Our support structure follows ITIL standards and is governed by our Information Security Governance Framework.


We solve not only migration risk to the cloud, but ongoing data governance and security risks. This is a huge consideration in your business case evaluation

IP protection

You can rest assured your IP such as data models, customer data, dashboards, and analytic models are yours, and safely protected within Vera’s containers

What’s different about Vera for cloud analytics?

  • You don’t need to hire consultants to design and build the infrastructure for you. Your secure Vera environment is provisioned in minutes and optimised specifically for data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics, with guaranteed uptime and security. 


  • We operate Vera as a hosted service. That means you don’t need to hire a specialised team of Devops and Data engineer’s. Let us do the commodity work while you focus on hiring great commercial analsyts to put all your data to work. 


  • We migrate your existing data warehouse and reporting assets into Vera as part of the service. Then we work with you to enhance them. We put all of Vera’s tech, and our analytics expertise to work lifting your data management and analytics capability. 

“To accelerate our data projects, we wanted a partner that could quickly demonstrate the value of bringing our data together, and a partner that brings technology solutions to the table, rather than building everything from scratch. And perhaps more importantly, we did not have to become Data Scientists ourselves to reach our goals, Laneway took the time to understand our business and unique challenges, working alongside us over the long-term. We couldn’t be happier with the team from Laneway Analytics as our guides and support partners.”

Doug Robey

Head of Technology, CMYKhub

What can Vera do for you?

We share 4 recent customer successes powered by Vera.

Data Security and APRA CPS 234

Data is at the core of our customer’s mission to better understanding their customers and designing their products and service experiences to meet the needs of their different customer segments. But how can you do more with data while protecting customer data and managing significant data privacy and regulatory requirements? Vera provides a fully managed environment that is ISO 27001 certified and APRA compliant. This solves a major challenge for our customers, and enables them to focus on becoming insightful, rather than spending effort on compliance.

Reduce Cost and Risk

Presented with the option of hiring pure infrastructure consultants to design a cloud solution for data management and analytics, Vera skips over this step and provides an optimised cloud environment for data and analytics at the flick of a button. This saves customers up to $450k in savings, and 6 months of design, technology selection headaches, interoperability and performance testing.

Analytics Partner

Sure you can hire cloud engineers to guess at what you might require to run analytics in the cloud, but we are analytics experts that not only know what is required, we have leveraged our expertise into the design of a best in class solution. And we back Vera with a dedicated support team, and a team of analytics experts that know how to enhance your legacy capability and work with you to become a truly data-driven organisation.

Real Time Analytics

Our customer wanted to embed data in their operational workflows. With Vera, we have used serverless work processes to power their data pipelines to provide real time metrics across their organisation. This has provided the foundation to implement an organisational redesign based on data driven insight by delivering the right insight, to the right people, at the right time. Next up is predictive analytics to focus their teams on the most pressing issues, or rest comfortable knowing their production workflows are in the green.

How does it work?

So you have decided that going through the trials and tribulations of moving your BI to the cloud isn’t worth it. How does it work with Laneway deploying your data and reporting assets to Vera?

We do it in 4 easy steps.

Understand your current set-up and goals

Transition assets to Vera


Enhance what you have


Make a plan for the longer term

Let's make your journey great!

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