Our young team is growing, so I thought I would provide a brief description about what it’s like to work at Laneway, the people that work here, what our culture is like, and what sort of people we look for to join our young, growing team.

Customer focused

“I have never worked at a company before that puts so much emphasis on the customer first.”

While we are creating innovative technology, we are actually in a customer service business. We will never be clever techies guessing at business problems, we let our customer’s guide us with their biggest challenges.


Half our company is female – an amazing statistic in tech. This isn’t due to a diversity program, it happens naturally based on how we hire for the best talent and cultural values.

We are from all over the world. I’m not sure any of us were actually born in Australia. To be fair, nearly 30% of Australian’s were born overseas. Many of us have made Australia our home, lived here most of our lives, raising our families here. But we are a mix.

This contributes to our diversity of thought. Our team have degrees ranging from commerce, computer science (of course), environmental science, actuarial science (the original data scientists), math, accounting, and many with master’s degrees.

So what’s a Laneway team member like?

What sort of people do we hire? Who does well at Laneway?

  1. Super smart – To be expected. But mental horsepower needs to be combined with curiosity, humility, and a mindset that the best ideas come from diverse teams, working well together with direct talk. ‘The best idea wins’ is one of our 7 cultural principles. This is all about an egalitarian organisation where the people working most closely to the problems (we are solving with our customers) are best placed to suggest the best solutions. We definitely are not a top-down driven company.

  2. Adaptable – We are all learning new tech, facing new business problems, and taking on new job responsibilities all the time. I tell new starters that what you get hired for today, it is very likely that in 6 – 12 months you will be doing quite different things. Kinda crazy, but very satisfying and exciting.

  3. Having fun – While we like to socialise with each other, for us, having fun at work isn’t about fancy meals, expensive celebrations, craft beer on tap… Real fun for us is the satisfaction we get from solving incredibly difficult problems.

These are just a few aspects of what we stand for, and the people that work at Laneway Analytics.

If you would like to learn more about working with Laneway Analytics, and how our unique way of working might suit you, please send a short, clever, personalised email to jobs-analytics@lanewayanalytics.com.au.

About Laneway Analytics

Laneway Analytics help super funds identify and visualise the data they need to bridge the gap between data and the business to better understand members, fund performance, and differentiate and improve their services and products. 

Our mission is to partner with super funds to accelerate their journey towards a culture of data-led decision making for the future. 


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