Provident Lane Analytics Platform

Provident Lane Analytics Platform

Predictive data analytics happens when you unlock the data and insights you need to make better decisions.

Our Provident Lane Analytics Platform is a powerful and intuitive self-service data and analytics solution specifically designed for super funds. It is the most modern subscription offering for scalable, secure and agile end-to-end data analytics. Provident Lane delivers a user-friendly, cost-effective platform that let’s super funds reduce the time it takes to find the insights they need to support crucial decisions from weeks to minutes – our quick-to-deploy platform also meets all governance and compliance requirements.

Our suite of visual dashboards makes it easy for anyone to easily find the insights they need and collaborate with anyone in their organisation. And being cloud-based it empowers everyone to more easily use data every day to improve business performance - wherever they are.

Our Provident Lane Analytics Platform is ideal for super funds who want to understand more about member engagement and churn, competition analysis and employer presence and engagement amongst many other data-led insights.

We know what good data looks like.

Zero to one with your data

A solid foundation is key to leveraging your data and with Laneway Analytics this is simple and fast.

Laneway Analytics will integrate your data sources into a modern, sophisticated and manageable data warehouse.


We know what good looks like

Leverage Laneway’s expertise to de-risk your analytics initiatives, and work with a partner you can trust to lead you to a culture of data-driven decision making.

We build quickly and iterate, meaning you see value fast. Your team are exploring and testing working analytics every 2 weeks, meaning the quality of your requirements increases, risks decrease, and you get a more tailored end solution, that delivers more return for your investment. This is agile analytics in action.

Self-sufficient analytics in action

Provident Lane is our data and analytics platform designed specifically for Super Funds. We empower your teams to more easily use data in their day-to-day jobs and improve their performance, from Executives to Operators, from your Marketing team to your Investment Management team.

We can help your people achieve more.


Your partners in data

Laneway Analytics works closely with you as a partner, sharing your goals, your risks, your challenges and your success.

We build your capabilities with you, leading you to better data outcomes and we will assist you through your analytics journey to deliver insight and growth.